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The Ukrainian Folkart
червень 2006 р. Шлях
 Forgotten "gene"
According to ethnographers' theory craving for folk crafts is programmed at genetic level. The story of one successful businessman proves this. He constantly attended all the exhibitions where the ceramic products were presented. «I can't understand why but I can look at these lacquered plates, pots, spoons», businessman said. Soon everything cleared up. He learnt that his great-grandfather was famous for his ceramic dishware. And potter Mykola was well-known for its originality and quality far from his village. The philosophy of the craftsmen makes «genetic» suppositions of ethnographers more precise. They suppose that each of their product «scan» the biorhythms of the Ukrainian people. Colouring and rhythmics correspond to mentality. It means that the owner doesn't feel comfortably if non-close, small oriental patterns is prevailed in dwelling interior. ДІАЛОГ.ua
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